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The Q#3 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between July and September that recorded the most hits:

  1. Dispatching rogue landlords (4 July)
  2. Crunch time for the Liberal Democrats – The NHS Bill and electoral oblivion (5 September)
  3. Could the riots be the beginning of the end for the Coalition?  (19 August)
  4. Policy, evidence and dogma – the homelessness episode (3 July)
  5. The Work Programme isn’t working – and that raises bigger issues (2 September)

(October 1st)

The Q#2 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between April and June that recorded the most hits:

  1. Taxpayers and ‘the right to the city’:  alternative narratives on cuts to Housing Benefit (25 April)
  2. Groundbreaking economic finding during higher education policy development? (4 April)
  3. Up to the task? Dealing with housing market volatility  (17 May)
  4. Think tanks and the policy process: right, wrong and possibly both at the same time (3 May)
  5. Harsh but fair? Marquand on the Liberal Democrat leadership (14 May)

(June 30th)

The Q#1 quintet

Here are the five posts published on this blog between January and March that recorded the most hits:

  1. Monbiot’s tax take and the embedding of plutocracy: an urgent concern for Liberal Democrats (8 February)
  2. The mundane malfunctioning of markets – a tale of life and death (3 March)
  3. Economists, implicated (19 February)
  4. Housing demand – a role for status concerns? (27 January)
  5. Trade unions, street marches, and ConservativeHome’s 10 immoral commandments (27 March)

(March 31st)


The top half dozen posts on this blog since I began it in October, starting with the most frequently visited, have been:

  1. The poverty of Nick Clegg’s “new” progressives
  2. Exit, voice, loyalty: what’s a Libdem to do?
  3. A fairer future or no future for social housing?
  4. The continuing saga of Housing Benefit “reform”: unaware or just don’t care?
  5. Why the unseemly haste on housing reform?
  6. “Us” and “Them”. Yes, them over there. The benefit scroungers.

(December 31st, 2010)


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