Zen and the art of treadmill running

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 13/02/11]

I don’t know many runners who like the treadmill. Most people who have experienced the joys of running outside, either on- or off-road, tend to find the treadmill a little bit tedious. And if you’re training involves long runs it can be worse than that.

I’ve a friend who once did all his training for the Bristol Half on a treadmill. It required regularly spending two hours or more staring at the same wall. The degree of commitment required to keep that up week after week is, to me at least, mind-boggling. Much easier to pull on your trainers and head out the door for a change of scenery. Each to their own I guess.

But on days when the weather is pretty manky all but the hardiest souls are tempted to take the indoor option. I succumbed today. And that got me thinking. Read more of this post


Giving some shape to the running year

[Originally posted on Bristol Running Resource, 29/01/11]

It used to be so simple. For several years my running year had a clear shape. It was a tale of two cities. The Bath Half at Easter; the Bristol Half in September. Twin Peaks. Finish one Half and have a few weeks relatively easy running to recover. Then restart the process of building up for the next Half. A few shorter races sprinkled around helped to leaven the mix.

Then it all lost its shape, partly as a result of injury and partly because, if I’m honest, I decided I’d run Bath as many times as I wanted to.

Having trundled around Bristol last September, for the first time in three years, I took a while to recover. I’ve spent the last couple of months running quite a few miles and kept the long run at about 8 miles. But I’ve realised that it’s all gone a bit shapeless. Read more of this post